Thyroid Mistakenly Called Gland

April 7, 2022

Well, hearing that would cause some controversy in the medical profession, but, unfortunately it’s true. the thyroid is wrongly blamed.


The thyroid is mistakenly called a gland by medical professionals, presuming it secretes a substance called thyroxine. This is in fact a great misunderstanding.

Your thyroid does NOT make thyroxine as many believe, the pancreas does this. It originates in the pancreas from glycogen and then travels to the liver where it put’s the finishing touches on it, and on then to the thyroid.

BUT, this still doesn’t mean you can use it. It all depends on a couple of things.

1. how much glycogen( a type of sugar) your liver can make

2. how much potassium is available

Once the glycogen and potassium meet in the thyroid organ it manufactures a type of ” old fashioned grandmas soap”. It then gels it with pancreatic thyroxine in the liver. This then dissolves excess fat and oils in your body to control your weight. if it manufactures too much you won’t be able to can’t gain weight, if you can’t manufacture enough you will put on weight.


It’s your voice and your breathing that causes the thyroid to work, churn and vibrate that’s why it’s so close to your vocal chords. (well I didn’t know that) !!

If your kidneys aren’t eliminating properly the excess thyroxine will go to your stomach and give you nausea. (so common)


If there’s not enough iodine in the diet, the thyroid wont get any, as the liver always takes it first priority. If it doesn’t get enough it will cause carcinoma cells to a accumulate in the organ as it cannot rid the thyroid of old worn out cells (thyro-toxin).

The thyroid gets the blame again!

SO all this boils down to YOU CANNOT TREAT THE THYROID ALONE as it is dependent on so many other factors. Just taking thyroxine can be more harmful as it is dependent on the total function of the thyroid. If you have hypoglycaemia you cannot make glycogen to manufacture thyroxine to start the whole process off.

But that’s another story for later.


Nausea, fatigue, yellow stools, Constipation, bloating and many more.

With a urine and saliva RBTI analysis I will tell you why your thyroid is not working.

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