Colonic Irrigation

Cleanse, Detox, Hydrate and Reset with Colonic Irrigation

Detoxify, restore and reset your gut health

Colonic Irrigation is one of our most sought-after therapeutic treatments for health and well-being. Colonic Irrigation is also known as colonics or colonic hydrotherapy, removes impacted waste and toxins from the large intestine, or colon. The process consists of introducing filtered oxygenated water into the colon to soften the waste and utilising gentle massage to induce natural peristalsis.

What to expect from Colonic Irrigation

Your colonic treatment is performed on a reclined cushioned table. About forty litres of filtered warm water and pure oxygen are supplied for this colon cleanse process. A lubricated sterile speculum is inserted into rectum to allow water to flow into the body and cleanse the colon.

To get the maximum detoxification results out of your colonic irrigation, we suggest following our protocol  – “How to prepare for a Session”. This will allow your body to minimize discomfort while colonic therapy is administered.

European studies show that oxygen injected into the body in small amounts has the most dramatic results especially from the application of oxygen to bowel disorders.

Putrefactive anaerobic bacteria contribute to serious bowel conditions, colitis, cancer and constipation. These bacteria are rapidly destroyed with colon oxygen therapy.

Warm and cool oxygenated water increases blood flow by immediately absorbing oxygen, healing any lesion or inflammatory condition.

Still have questions about Colonic Irrigation Therapy, please check out our FAQ Page for more information.

When you schedule your first colon hydrotherapy session, we recommend to download and fill out our Colonics Intake Form to save time being in the office.