June 2, 2023


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Most people that come to our clinic already suffer from bowel complaints of either diarrhoea, IBS or constipation.

**”For best results I recommend a series of 3 colonics for any bowel complaints. (Book package of 3 colonics”**)** This  shrinks the bowel to create a better bowel shape and muscle tone. The oxygen also heals the lining of the bowl, stoping inflammation which over a period of time causes  bowel disease and adhesions.

Years of chronic constipation will create a huge mega-colon and the bowel wall will become thinner leading to diverticula and adhesions. Adhesions can lead to many serious disorders such as cancer. Several colonics are advised when this is the case in order to shrink and lift the bowel to it’s correct position.

CONSTIPATION : If you don’t empty daily or only pass a small amount (for a long period of time), which is unsatisfying, this is classed as constipation.

General rules for all colonics

  1. To prevent blood sugars and electrolytes from dropping it is important to have eaten beforehand to prevent a fast drop in blood sugars causing nausea and faintness. Coffee can also drop blood sugars so avoid before the procedure.
  2. Abstain from heavy meals pastas, hamburgers, and stodgy foods. Have a lighter meal such as steamed fruit & vegetables with butter or olive oil
  3. Drink orange or pear juice in the morning on an empty stomach if you haven’t used your bowels the day before. This will allow for easier removal of waste
  4. If you haven’t been for 3-4 days or more (severe constipation) take a natural laxative like nulax or a herbal laxative tea 2 days prior.
  5. Drink at least 2-3 litres of water each day before hand.
  6. Drink pear juice on an empty stomach each morning.

*If your bowel has not cleared over this period, a colonic with a soap and water enema beforehand will need to be administered to empty lower bowel beforehand. This will make the colonic procedure much more comfortable. (Book a colonic with soap enema**) 

Thanks for your co-operation towards your healing.

See you soon for an exciting start to your healing journey

Sue Price

M: 0407 084 624

P.S. If you have any questions, please reach out.

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