Preparation For RBTI Analysis

Preparation for RBTI Analysis

Naturopath - Susan PriceUrine and Saliva specimen:

1. When you arrive at your consultation we take a small urine and saliva specimen.
2. In order to gain an accurate RBTI analysis, it is important for you to fast for 2 hours prior to your analysis. It is important NOT to fast all night or an inaccurate or a non- reading will show.

If your test is first thing in the morning, you would have breakfast 2 hours before the test. ie test at 10am, breakfast before 8am. Testing in the morning shows a truer energy reading.

If your test is in the afternoon at 3pm you would make sure you had a meal or snack 2 hours before hand. ie test at 3pm, lunch before 1pm.

** If you feel thirsty during your fast it’s okay to have a few sips of water.

We are not what we eat. We are what we can digest,
absorb, and assimilate
”  Carey Reams

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