Colonic Irrigation FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions About Colonic Irrigation

What is colonic irrigation?
Colonic Irrigation also known as colon therapy, colonic or colonic hydrotherapy is intended to remove faeces and nonspecific toxins from the colon and intestinal tract. It involves the gentle insertion of a disposable speculum [the instrument] into the rectum. The speculum is connected to a disposable plastic hose connected to the colon hydrotherapy unit.

Warm, filtered water is slowly released into the colon. The water causes the colon to contract (peristalsis), and pushes the waste out through the hose.

Light massage to the abdomen is applied during the colonic. After the session, the client may sit on a toilet to pass any residual water and stools.

Is the procedure painful?
No. Colonics should never be painful. Depending on an individual’s toxicity or state of mind, the treatment may be easy or more challenging. If there is a gas blockage or extreme constipation, there may be some slight discomfort just before a release. The colon hydro-therapist will use massage techniques to  avoid any discomfort.

How many sessions do I need?
Most of us have many kilo’s of impacted faeces in our colon. One colonic therapy will not empty the colon completely and removes some of the hardened material; the second more and so on. This is why we recommend a series of 3 colonics for any bowel complaints. Book package of 3 colonics.

How often should I have a colonic?
Your personal therapist will help you determine from your health history the frequency and how many colonics you should have to meet your personal objectives.

Is the small intestine cleansed during a colonic?
No. A colonic cleanses the large intestine up to the ileocecal valve. The small intestine can only be cleansed orally.

Is bacterial or viral contamination possible from the colonic irrigation equipment?
No. All equipment is pre-sterilised and disposable. These disposables are used only once during a single therapy session.

How long does a treatment take?
Actual treatment time takes anything from twenty to thirty minutes but you should plan a total session visit of one hour in duration.

Does a menstrual period at the time of a colon hydrotherapy session effect treatment?
No. For many people it helps with bloating.

What should I do to prepare for a colon cleansing?
Try to stay away from eating wheat, heavy dense meals and meat. Two hours before coming, try not to drink.

Will I experience any discomfort or fatigue after the sessions?
Usually not, but since the cleansing will stir up a lot of old debris and toxins, you might experience some minor fatigue. If any discomfort occurs, it is recommended to rest and apply a warm heating pad to the abdomen. A mild vegetable broth or peppermint tea is soothing. Any discomfort will usually pass within 24 hours.

What is good to take after a Colonic?
Acidophilus helps to improve the bacterial balance in the colon. Stay away from fizzy drinks, nuts, popcorn and dried fruit.

Can I work directly after having a Colon Irrigation session?
Yes. You can work just as you would after a regular bowel movement.

What are Contraindications of Colonic Irritation?
Colonics, like many conventional and holistic health therapies, might have some contraindications, which can be obtained through the health history. If you have any of the health conditions listed below, please consult your family practitioner or a gastrointestinal specialist to discuss your interest in colonic hydrotherapy.

Cirrhosis, Crohn’s Disease, Rectal or intestinal tumour, Rectal bleeding, Diverticulitis, Acute IBS or Ulcers, Intestinal perforations, Uncontrolled hypertension, Recent surgery, Abdominal hernia, History of seizures and epilepsy, Psychological disorders, Vascular aneurism, Congestive heart failure, Acute abdominal pain, Severe haemorrhoids, Recent heart attack, Severe fistula or fissures, First trimester pregnancy, Kidney dysfunction

How to prepare for a Colonic Therapy Session?
To get the best experience and benefits from a colonic session, please download instructions below:

      • How to prepare for Colonic Session – Click Here

Colonic irrigation is safe and effective for a majority of people. If you have a history of any condition listed above, contacting your physician would be a wise decision before scheduling your appointment. At Mandurah Health Regeneration Clinic, we support and guide you through the healing journey. If you have additional questions regarding colonic hydrotherapy, please do not hesitated to reach us at 0407 084 624