Behaviour Problems in Kids

Knowing what makes kids act out is the initial step to discovering solutions

When children act out with frequent tantrums, outbursts or defiance, the primary step to dealing with the problem behaviour is discovering what’s behind it. And the cause might not be apparent.

Supporting the emotional needs of kids

Particularly when children are young, they might not be able to inform you what they’re feeling. And in truth they may not  even understand what’s bothering them.

Tantrums and outbursts are usually indications that kids are having problem with feelings they don’t have the skills to handle. They maybe overwhelmed by their disappointment or anger and not know how  to reveal themselves more effectively, or calm themselves down. They might require aid developing skills to control their behaviour.

But if it’s occurring a lot, it could be brought on by a variety of underlying problems.

Anxiety, ADHD, learning disorders, sensory processing, depression, autism, injury are often labels given to these children. More often diet and lifestyle changes can make all the difference.

A whole body Electro-Biochemical Analysis (RBTI) carried out on specimens of urine and saliva. The information gained from these laboratory tests enable practitioners to monitor very complex body functions as a mathematical equation.

The numbers never lie and gives an indication of the true state of the body.

What will your children’s numbers expose? A personalised report will explain each section of the test and what can be done to help re-balance your child’s body.