Is Your Gut Truly Leaking

April 7, 2022

The fallacy of a “leaking gut”

What they say is “those tight junctions in the intestines open up like little elevator doors opening up, leaving a gap between the cells. This allows large dietary proteins to leak through e.g. ‘leaky gut’ ”

This is a modern evaluation to explain a multitude of symptoms that the human race suffers.

If I’ve heard this once, I’ve heard it a thousand times, and the blame is,

Bacterial overgrowth

“LEAKY GUT” is supposed to be the blame for…

Auto-immune conditions
Thyroid conditions
Fatigue (CFS)
Memory problems

In the end you can’t eat a thing except a “FOOD MAP diet” which basically eliminates most foods out of the diet so you become malnourished to boot.

Then, pharmaceutical companies and health industry’s  jump in and manufacture thousands of “cures” many programs, and many expensive tests to attract the gullible public to signing up and wasting their precious hard earned pennies to buy useless unproven remedies.

I sound angry … well I am. !

In truth, your gut can’t leak anything plus there is no scientific evidence that “LEAKY GUT” exists. What does effect the lining of the gut whether small or large intestine is the pH which means potential for Hydrogen, or the speed you digest and move the food through the intestine.

A high or (alkaline) pH will cause a swelling in the intestinal wall and congestion in the digestive system overall.

A low  or (acid)  pH will irritate the lining and create a thinning in the walls, this is when more serious issues are created like Crohn’s, diverticulitis, IBS, Colitis etc. These conditions will also impact on uptake of nutrients and minerals from your food.

If only it was known that all this drama can be eliminated by doing a simple urine and saliva test to see pH levels.

RBTI urine and saliva analysis is the only way I know to overcome all digestive issues for good.

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