Endless Nightmare of Weight Cycling and Why.

Why can’t I keep this weight off?

Are you the elephant in the room with all the skinny mini’s?, well believe me, I’ve felt like that throughout my life and it was a constant battle trying to keep weight down or stable, without it flying off the scales AGAIN.



Numerous studies have been done studying the effects on the body of repeatedly gaining and loosing weight. It has been found that weight cycling has several detrimental effects on the body.
The following points are a condensed version of metabolic dys-functions that weight cycling contributes to.

Weight Cycling damage

Increases systemic metabolic dysfunction compared to slim people.

increases fasting blood glucose.
Decreases and impairs  insulin sensitivity.
Increases high levels of inflammatory markers.
Associated with worsened metabolic and cardiovascular outcomes.
Worsens obesity and the ability to loose weight.
Associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes.
Often polycystic ovarian disorder kicks in if your young.


These factors alone explain why it is important once you have lost all your weight to then stabilize using correct nutritional interventions so as not to gain it all back again.

Why can’t I keep the weight off

The usual reason your weight just won’t stay off is because the pH  of your gut is out.

Normally the pH with  this kind of problem is alkaline causing the thyroid to slow down. I say it’s like sitting in a parked car and not going anywhere. Your body is stuck!. When this happens everything slows down including your bowel and digestion, causing us to feel congested and bloated.

When your pH is high it can cause your insulin to become too strong creating low blood sugars and constant craving for carbs and sugars beyond your control. This will automatically make you put your weight back on….oh dear.

We need to get out of this cycle before we do anymore damage.

This means your metabolism has slowed down, which isn’t good.  

To get things moving including weight we need to get that pH in the right zone with special foods and special supplements mainly minerals.

I will show you how.

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