Real Turnaround Testimonials.  

People who have turned their health around by using RBTI urine and saliva analysis revealing the root cause of all ailments.


“I first saw Sue around mid 2017 in regards to more than a decade of living with debilitating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A few years ago I suffered a terrible disintegration of my health status which left me so so sick I was bedridden and barely able to lift a fork to my mouth. I also live with some other long-standing, complex issues.”

“RBTI was interesting to me as the basis of treatment is regular testing to see what is going on with the biochemistry of my body, rather than simply applying a cookie-cutter theory that may not actually be useful or relevant to me. I decided to give Sue and RBTI a 3 months trial period, and within that time it was clear that the diet and supplement changes were definitely making interesting and positive changes. 

Now enough energy to move interstate

I ended up continuing to see Sue for treatment until October 2018, over which time I experienced notable improvements to my overall condition. I had gone from being unable to participate in any social activities at all and very few physically demanding ones, to being able to attend a craft group on a semi-regular basis, as well as be well enough to make a move interstate. For someone as sick as I have been, with such a complex and incredibly difficult-to-treat set of conditions, this level of improvement is extremely exciting and promising – no other practitioner or modality has been able to offer me anything like this. I continue to follow the diet and supplement program with the aim of maintaining the positive trend. It’s a work in progress, but definitely worthwhile to me”.

Further down the track

Update: April 2020
It’s now been a further 18 months since I saw Sue in person, but I have continued with the diet and supplement approaches we had established when I used to live in WA, as well as keeping in touch occasionally for an amended form of consult via phone and email.
I’m happy to report that my health and capacity continues to improve. While some people may think this is slow, I can honestly say that compared to how sick I’ve been for so many years, the improvements are all amazing to my mind and experience so I continue to be extremely grateful that I met Sue and was introduced to her RBTI treatments. I went into my appointments with Sue knowing full well that complex, chronic health conditions such as mine would not be fixed overnight, but I feel that Sue’s approach to healthcare has finally given me true and meaningful progress and genuine hope for the future, which I had mostly previously lost. 
Thanks again, Sue, for the positive changes you’ve helped me implement to be steadily improving my quality of life. I wish I could continue to see you in person to do the testing, but I’m so glad I was able to do the testing for the time we did, and so appreciate that you are still happy to provide useful advice and feedback while I continue to recover.

“It seems clear to me that Sue is very good at what she does, holding an obvious passion for RBTI and the wellbeing of her clients. I always felt that Sue genuinely cared about me and was committed to helping me improve my quality of life. I often wished I could take Sue with me! Whether your health concerns are more simple than, or as complex as mine, I definitely recommend visiting Sue to see if RBTI can make as meaningful an improvement as it has for me”.
S.Joy WA



My name is Ido Kasher , 80 years old , a raw food vegetarian , a member in the Natural Hygiene Society . I became a naturopath in 1984 and practiced it in Israel.

Too Alkaline

My name Is Ido

In July & August 2018 , 7 points of skin cancer appeared . I decided to take off 3 points by a medical chemotherapy paste and the rest by Naturopathy . I did a colonic irrigation and urine & saliva test by Sue Price.
The test showed that my internal PH is too much alkaline causing a severe vit C and mineral deficiency.

No more skin cancer points.

This happened because in that period I ate too much fruits and vegetables which are alkaline forming and I did not drink water. During that time also skin cuts healed slowly . Immediately I changed my eating and lower the intake of fruits and vegetables and ate more acid forming foods like : dried peas and beans, dairy, kefir, cheese , eggs . more urine & saliva tests showed that the alkalinity and salts reduced and the 4 skin cancer points healed quickly and also skin cuts . In April 2019 a medical check admitted that I have no skin cancer points any more . The Natural therapy , with the help of Susan , appeared to be a success .

Ido K



Hi, my name is Frank

I attended Sue’s clinic about a year ago having been through surgery and chemo for bladder cancer 1 year prior. I also had an irregular heartbeat with a subcutaneous monitor linked to the hospital.

I was still very unwell with debilitating bladder issues, constant infection and constant urination. Drs were very concerned and wanted to remove my bladder.

I was tested by Sue from Mandurah Health Regeneration Clinic using RBTI analysis and she found that my body was severely imbalanced with mineral deficiencies also showing the cause of my bladder distress and heart irregularity.

Scans also showed previously I had some unrecognisable tissue in my bladder which they thought was from the bladder cancer. Sue’s tests showed it was a type of growth or fungus. Subsequently I followed Sue’s advice and healing program. As my tests improved and my alkalinity came down, the long term infection went and I passed 2 bowls of a type of kelp from my bladder. After this my bladder made a steady recovery

During this time a small lung tumour appeared on 2 separate scans. These were repeated 8 months after I started Sue’s program. After 2 subsequent scans they could find no lung tumour. The Dr also said I was the only person in 2 years to have retained his bladder.

My heart irregularity has also disappeared, and no continual monitor is needed.

I highly recommend a visit to the Mandurah Health Regeneration Clinic to discuss the benefits of what RBTI analysis can do for you.

From being told I might die, I now feel the best I have ever felt in my life.

Frank Spagnolo”



“I went to see Sue about my diagnosis of haemochromatosis. I was feeling constantly tired and lacked energy. I was having to get blood taken out every 8 weeks. Sue challenged the medical opinion and investigated other potential causes that produced similar symptoms. I haven’t had to let off blood for 10 months now and my energy has picked up too. I found the program easy to follow and Sue was happy to adjust things as I progressed. I have no hesitation in recommending Sue for any health issues you may have.” 
Jasmin WA

Reply MHR         
“It was a pleasure to treat Jasmin as she followed everything I told her to do. I discovered by the analysis her problem was  she couldn’t digest protein which was causing high nitrates to build in her system which effected how iron was absorbed and utilised. This gave similar symptoms as haemachromatosis which was resolved through the treatment. She no longer has to give blood, her fatigue has gone and she lost quite a few kilos in the process..a very happy customer. Sue


“I first saw Sue last August 2014, as for more than 10 years I have been struggling to lose any of the weight that I had gained through having PCOS, and a slight Thyroid issue, among a few other things. I had tried various ways to lose weight ie gym, doctors, naturopath’s, etc. With no one being able to help me at all, until I met Sue. I am reaching 1 year since my journey with Sue started and I have gone down from a size 18 to size 14, from 97kg to 72kg yay! Sue is a lovely approachable person who even though I am losing weight Sue’s first priority is my health and the weight is second. I would highly recommend Sue, which I have done.
Megan H Greenfields WA


“Before I came to see Sue my life was miserable with all sorts of ailments. I am 70 years old and been unwell for years. I was a serious migraine sufferer and there was not many days I would wake up without them, and I couldn’t see a light in the tunnel. Before coming to Sue, I had had a cluster migraine for a week with no relief. After I had the RBTI URINE AND SALIVA ANALYSIS Sue gave me a program to follow that suited my biochemistry. With the foods and special minerals and supplements, in all honesty, I have not had a migraine for 2 months and feel amazing. But that’s not all, many other amazing things have happened. My heart palpitations have gone and my blood pressure has reduced to 140/80. From 166/110. Sue mentioned how much stronger my heart beat was. Another important note is MY MEMORY( senior moments) has returned from what I would consider early Alzheimer’s. I could not recall something I had forgotten but now I can. It’s Amazing. Also the swelling in my body has disappeared especially my face and fingers and furthermore I can sleep on both sides of my body wher’as I could only sleep on my right side before because of pain. My gastric reflux is also gone. Thank you Sue.! 
M. L Preston Beach WA


I came to see Sue after feeling tired and unwell for years, bad neck and back pain with flu’s lasting for months and a terrible continuing cough which nothing helped. My hands were puffy from inflammation which was through my body. Sue gave me some special minerals and dietary changes that suited my biochemistry. It was hard at first but perseverance paid off and so glad I did. I have lost weight and all the inflammation has gone from my hands and body. At first I thought my shoulders had shrunk then I realised all the inflammation had gone. I had a previous bone density test because of osteoporosis and after 3 months on Sues program I had another one. My bone mass had increased significantly. (15%) When I told the doctor what I was doing she said “I don’t believe that could happen with food” My back pain has gone which I had had for years and my neck pain has halved which I was seeing chiropractor for since an accident years ago. I don’t go there now. I have so much more energy now and no flu for 6 months. I would recommend this program to anyone who is sick and can’t find answers. THANK YOU SUE. XX
M K Yunderup WA