How to do this test and prepare the package

Thank you for purchasing your RBTI Analysis Kit. The test involves completing a questionnaire and collecting one urine and one saliva sample:
The urine sample and saliva sample are taken at  two hours after any main meal that same day. Please do not fast all night.

These samples should ideally be posted on the day of collection. However, if posting the day after, please keep samples in fridge until able to post. Remember, Express Post must be posted by 5 pm to arrive the next day.

Please read these instructions carefully and follow them step by step for best test results. The whole procedure and completing the paperwork will only take about 10 minutes.

1. Do this test on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (due to posting time).
2. Continue all prescribed medication, nutrients and supplements and keep eating as usual.
3. Decide after which main meal of the day you are going to collect the samples,
e.g. breakfast, lunch or dinner.
4. Have that meal and then do not eat anything at all for at least two hours! Drinking your normal fluids is okay though, as long as you list them.
5. After 2 hours or more of your last meal:
• Take out the standard urine collection container. Fill it half full with your midstream urine. Screw the lid on firmly. Check that the container seals properly. Print your name and time of collection on the label.
• Take out the Saliva Tube. Print your name on the label. (If wearing lipstick, please wipe it off before collecting saliva sample.) Swish your mouth to collect saliva (not phlegm). Let saliva run down side of collection tube. Collect approx. 2 cm in bottom of tube. Screw the lid on firmly.
6. Place both samples back into the provided white plastic container, onto the paper towels. Put the lid on firmly. Put the plastic container into the plastic bag and close it.
7. Complete the attached confidential questionnaire.
8. Write your return address on the Express Mail envelope and remember to sign it!!
9. Put the plastic bag with your samples, the completed questionnaire and cheque or money order or you may choose to pay online in the Express Mail envelope and close it. Please note that your samples will not be processed without your accompanying balance payment.
10. Mail the package the same day, dropping it into an Express Post Mailbox (yellow) by 6 pm or into any Post Office before 5 pm. It is better to mail it on a Monday or Tuesday to avoid any delay in the mail. Please do not mail it on a Friday.
11. Enjoy the rest of your day!

You can expect your analysis between 7 and 10 days of mailing your samples. A copy of your analysis will also be emailed to your referring practitioner unless you explicitly instruct us not to.

If you still have any questions or are unsure about how to do this test please call me on 0407084624