RBTI Analysis (Urine-Saliva Analysis) assesses

Carbohydrate in the Urine (An indication of your oxygen levels and available energy). Low carbohydrate levels or high levels indicate that your liver and pancreas may not be working effectively to control your blood sugar regulation. Steps can then be taken to help better regulate these functions.

PH of the Urine (Showing how effectively nutrients are being absorbed). Experience has shown that the further away from balanced your urine pH is the more likely that symptoms or disease may develop in your body.

PH of the Saliva (Irregularities can be a major cause of weight gain or of inability to gain weight. They are also an indication that liver and pancreatic function is out of balance for some reason and that some form of intervention is called for). Reams found that by noting these imbalances in either urine or saliva pH he knew which form of calcium was needed to help bring the body back into balance.

The amount of cellular debris in the Urine (A measure of how well your body is disposing of cellular waste).

ELECTROLYTES  (Showing balance of electrolytes and a guide to your body’s need for water). Too low elimination of salts and toxins can indicate electrolyte imbalance whereas too high is an indication of insufficient water or overload of salt. These will both affect your energy and the connections between your brain and your body.

Nitrate Nitrogen (NN: Alkaline in nature, showing how well protein is being broken down in your small intestine and a key to your body’s need for potassium). A high NN number indicates that your upper body is under pressure and would benefit from intervention.

Ammoniacal Nitrates (AN: Indicate how much putrefactive waste is being absorbed, primarily from the bowel).The total of these numbers show the level of the urea’s being passed in the urine, another pointer to major stress factors and tiredness. Low or high urea numbers indicate that the body is overloaded or may not be able to detoxify effectively, and therefore symptoms may develop and the possibility of developing a serious DISORDER or condition is increased.

In addition to the above we also screen for:

  • Leucocytes (a pointer to infections in the body).

    Urine is cell water
  • Urobilinogen (liver deficiencies)
  • Nitrite (a sign of bacterial infection)
  • Protein – Nutrients (kidney problems)
  • Blood (digestion, kidney/bladder problems)
  • Specific gravity (energy imbalances)
  • Ketones (dietary concerns)


How Does the RBTI Analysis Work?

The testing procedures are performed on a urine specimen and a saliva specimen. The urine and saliva samples are taken after a main meal.                          No food or drink other than water for at least two hours and no water for at least 30 minutes befor analysis.

First total carbohydrates in the urine are measured.

                                                   This is the number where chronic fatigue begins

The first number that shows how well you can maintain a stable energy in the body for oxygenation. We then know whether your body is able                              to efficiently digest and utilise carbohydrates to maintain a steady consistent energy in your body.This can lead to physical,                                     mental and emotional symptoms such as fatigue, cravings and poor dietary control as well as anxiety, depression                                           and addictions .  Over time uncontrolled carbohydrate balances may lead to insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and



                  A body in balance will have a SALIVA /URINE pH of 6.4 (based on the pH scale of 0-14, 7.0 being neutral).

The SALIVA pH acidic enough to break down ones foods (as opposed to the alkaline blood pH of 7.4 when your in balance).

Thus, if your SALIVA pH is below 6.4 it has become too strong, and if your SALIVA pH is higher than 6.4 then it is becoming too weak.

Your SALIVA pH directly related to mineral/vitamin deficiencies (particularly calcium, vitamin C, D) and foods to focus on.

Getting back to pH balance the KEY to long term health that can only come from eating in balance!


  The pH of the urine is extremely important, as it is an indication of how well your body can digest and assimilate the nutrients from food and

supplements. You may be wasting your money taking supplements that you aren’t able to absorb if your

pH is too acid or alkaline.

An acid pH  below 6.4 will prevent you from picking up vital minerals and nutrients and shows your body is degenerating too fast.

You will usually have symptoms of IBS and IBD and often diverticulitis. Harmful bacteria and toxins are often

present with a severe loss of energy and too fast metabolism

Most symptoms and disease states are caused or aggravated by imbalanced pH levels. It is important for the health of everybody whether baby,

toddler, child, teenager, adult or senior citizen that they become aware of any imbalanced pH levels and take steps to correct them.

    Experience has shown that most minerals and supplements require a balanced pH to be efficiently   


              Perfect soil pH is 6.4 Perfect saliva and urine pH is 6.4. The pH reflects the soil of our body


Whenever the pH of urine or saliva is away from ideal, Reams found that the flow of energy through the body must be imbalanced in some way.

Following his discoveries, we often use a variety of calcium powders and supplements and suggest other changes to bring the body into


Most symptoms and disease states are caused or aggravated by imbalanced pH levels. It is important for the health of everybody whether baby,

toddler, child, teenager, adult or senior citizen that they become aware of any imbalanced pH levels and take steps to correct them.


                                                                            CELL DEBRIS

From this we can see if your body is cooperating with the necessary cleansing.

A body that is unable to cooperate often needs a change of diet and supplementary assistance to help it to let go of accumulated wastes.

These wastes can easily become toxic to the body if not removed on a regular le

Ammonia & Nitrates

The last two tests measure the amount of unutilised protein being passed through to the kidneys for elimination.

This can show whether your body is cooperating in your quest for optimal health or whether there are blockages in the upper or lower body.

 These tests can help you target areas of greatest concern and help you to bring your focus onto old unresolved blockages of a physical or emotional cause.

       This number is a major factor in heart stress 

The RBTI tests often disagree with a diagnosis because the RBTI test is not a guess it is an accurate electro-biochemical analysis… Dr Carey Reams. Regardless of how many RBTI lab technicians did the RBTI test all of them will come to the same answer. An RBTI test is a measure of excessive loss of oxygen energy. This is a result of Mineral deficiency