Medical tests are not designed to pick up healing ranges. They only tell us what is normal, and normal is the average of all. Body chemistry in the healing range does not mean that a person is almost well. It means that an environment is now provided in which healing can now take place. Medical doctors know little about the requirements for that kind of environment. They only know statistics, averages and norms.

A person’s body chemistry in the healing range does not mean that the person will survive; it means that the person has a better chance of survival. It means that where there was no chance before, there now is a chance. There are still things that can go wrong. Healing takes a lot of energy. If the person who needs to heal does not get complete bed rest with a minimal amount of exertion, the body will not heal. If the person does not eat the correct diet to keep the numbers in the healing range, their body will not heal. If the person does not drink enough of the correct type of liquids as indicated by their test numbers, their body will not heal. AND even if the person gets complete bed rest and eats/drinks everything he/she should that is still no guarantee the person will get well. That person may be so ill that the healing process is too greater strain on the heart, in that case the person will not live. HOWEVER, in those cases where they do not love they died gently, without pain. Even when there is no hope, having body chemistry in the healing range removes the painful scourge of disease. Our experience has shown us that 85-90% of people, who take advantage of that chance to survive, do survive.

No matter how elaborate or holistic the diagnostic or treatment routine used to uncover and deal with health dysfunctions, it will never reveal the true cause of the dysfunction nor what to ideally do about it as will the properly understood and applied Biological Ionization principles and techniques.

Reams taught: Having one’s body chemistry in the healing range is not a guarantee for recovery it is only a guarantee for HOPE. Without that guarantee for hope there is nothing.