Dr Carey A Reams and Ionization

RBTI came into being through the work of soil, animal and food scientist, Dr. Carey A. Reams. In the early 1930s, experimenting using mathematical and oscilloscopic techniques on all types of foods, plants and animals, he discovered that mineral energy, moving into or out of a biologic entity, is not in the proper frequency configuration, that the biologic entity cannot maintain its ideal molecular ionic electrochemical integrity, therefore, its health and physical well-being correspondingly deteriorate. He further found that this understanding of frequency, in biologic life, made it possible to fully comprehend the true digestive process in humans, and how it could either enhance or detract from a human’s ability to maintain the maximum ionic mineral reserves from their food sources. Additionally, Dr. Reams discovered that the nutrient mineral density of our foods directly affects the quality of a human or animal’s digestive capability, and that digestive integrity is absolutely required to maintain their ionic electrochemical body “on frequency” for ideal health.

What is The Reams’ Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI)?

It Is a law of putting things together and taking them apart An ION is the smallest amount of energy in Existance . Everything is made from IONS. Reams believed that cells have to be electroplated before you can build new cells. Biological Ionization is a comprehensive structure of mathematical principles that allows for a new and exciting understanding of how the ionic electrochemical basis of biological life is to ideally develop and function. Therefore, this model also explains the cause of degenerative dis-ease namely, ionic mineral deficiencies causing electrochemical depletion, distortion, disruption and destruction and ultimately

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Urine & Saliva Analysis – $130.00
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Analysis Findings with computer generated report – 1 hour
Dietary Implementation Program – $85.00


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Reams taught that “ Digestion, assimilation and absorption are the MOST important functions of the body”


 I went to see Sue about my diagnosis of haemochromatosis. Sue challenged the medical opinion and investigated other potential causes that produced similar symptoms. With her personalised program I have been able to manage my illness without the need for regular specialist visits. I found the program easy to follow and Sue was happy to adjust things as I progressed. I have no hesitation in recommending Sue for any health issues you may have.
Reply MHR
It was a pleasure to treat Jasmin as she followed everything I told her to do. I discovered by the analysis her problem was  she couldn’t digest protein which was causing high nitrates to build in her system which effected how iron was absorbed and utilized. This gave similar symptoms as haemachromatosis which was resolved through the treatment. She no longer has to give blood, her fatigue has gone and she lost quite a few kilos in the process..a very happy customer.  Sue

“I first saw Sue last August 2014, as for more than 10 years I have been struggling to lose any of the weight that I had gained through having PCOS, and a slight Thyroid issue, among a few other things. I had tried various ways to lose weight ie gym, doctors, naturopath’s, etc. With no one being able to help me at all, until I met Sue. I am reaching 1 year since my journey with Sue started and I have gone down from a size 18 to size 14, from 97kg to 72kg yay! Sue is a lovely approachable person who even though I am losing weight Sue’s first priority is my health and the weight is second. I would highly recommend Sue, which I have done”
Megan H Greenfields

“Before I came to see Sue my life was miserable with all sorts of ailments. I am 70 years old and been unwell for years. I was a serious migraine sufferer and there was not many days I would wake up without them, and I couldn’t see a light in the tunnel. Before coming to Sue, I had had a cluster migraine for a week with no relief. After I had the RBTI URINE AND SALIVA ANALYSIS Sue gave me a program to follow that suited my biochemistry. With the foods and special minerals and supplements, in all honesty, I have not had a migraine for 2 months and feel amazing. But that’s not all, many other amazing things have happened. My heart palpitations have gone and my blood pressure has reduced to 140/80. From 166/110. Sue mentioned how much stronger my heart beat was. Another important note is MY MEMORY( senior moments) has returned from what I would consider early Alzheimer’s. I could not recall something I had forgotten but now I can. It’s Amazing. Also the swelling in my body has disappeared especially my face and fingers and furthermore I can sleep on both sides of my body wher’as I could only sleep on my right side before because of pain. My gastric reflux is also gone. Thank you Sue.! All the woman in my family died at 72 years old of heart related issues and I now am confident I will well surpass those years as a well and healthy senior, and break that cycle”
M. L Preston Beach WA

I came to see Sue after feeling tired and unwell for years, bad neck and back pain with flu’s lasting for months and a terrible continuing cough which nothing helped. My hands were puffy from inflammation which was through my body. Sue gave me some special minerals and dietary changes that suited my biochemistry. It was hard at first but perseverance paid off and so glad I did. I have lost weight and all the inflammation has gone from my hands and body. At first I thought my shoulders had shrunk then I realized all the inflammation had gone. I had a previous bone density test because of osteoporosis and after 3 months onSues program I had another one. My bone mass had increased significantly. When I told the doctor what I was doing she said “I don’t believe that could happen with food” My back pain has gone which I had had for years and my neck pain has halved which I was seeing chiropractor for since an accident years ago. I don’t go there now. I have so much more energy now and no flu for 6 months. I would recommend this program to anyone who is sick and can’t find answers. THANK YOU SUE. XX
M K Yunderup