Pre Christmas Detox Offer

Look and feel great before Christmas with this exceptional offer.

$ 159 

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Don’t make a New years resolution make a Pre Christmas resolution

These 2 tools together support your system to detox from the inside out, internally and externally

FAR infrared saunas use long waves which penetrate deep into the dermis layers. This is exceptional for pain, skin conditions, muscle damage, pain, FIBROMYALGIA AND MANY MORE.

Hydroxy colonic irrigation therapy is unlike other colonic machines as it is designed to restore bowel function ..WHY

  1. 40 minute treatment
  2. Warm and cool gravity fed water
  3. Oxygen is added to add internal normalization of bowel flora.
  4. The therapeutic tube gently massages water against the colon walls, loosening compacted material. (we all have it)
  5. Proven to heal and restore the bowel lining.
  6. Research shows ALL bowel diseases start from hypoxia (poor oxygenation to bowel tissue)

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