Behaviour intervention

You may have lost hope in dealing with your child’s bad behaviour but thanks to a world class interventions hope can arise like the sun. RBTI

I am thrilled and excited to be able to bring to Mandurah, Rockingham and  and surrounding areas the most powerful treatments that work in natural medicine today.

 With RBTI urine and saliva analysis I am able to decipher the hidden biochemistry causing these distressing problems

Practicing as a Nutritional/ Naturopathic Practitioner I am proud to have studied RBTI urine and saliva analysis. As a trained RBTI analyst it gives me an edge in detecting electro-biochemical imbalances in the body to speed up your child’s recovery. I am passionate about health and helping others to regain theirs.

What a caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly

It’s not until the uprising of so many serious disorders have we had to stop and reevaluate what’s gone wrong. The intelligent parents of autistic children simply wont give up until they find solutions. Of course finding a solution requires understanding the underlying cause. To answer this question we have to look at one factor, which unites all, the DIGESTIVE system, the seat of all imbalance.


Autism usually has an underlying auto-immune condition and poor biochemistry.

My Story

Unfortunately our family shares these statistics, having an autistic (Aspergers) child 25 years ago. It was difficult to diagnose in the beginning, as there was so many unrelated issues occurring. Our journey is still ongoing, but knowing the answers makes it so much easier.  This has given me a passion to help other families along a healing journey of their own. What used to be hopeless situation now has a positive outcome. Unfortunately the medical profession has no answers for this condition.

Having a wealth of life experience behind me, I am passionate to help adults as well as children overcome all neurological and psychiatric conditions naturally.


Yes there is a hope, but first we have to unlearn what we have been taught as healthy, and start looking at contemporary scientific research supported by traditional wisdom. We also have to understand how our body compares to nature in a new way from contemporary underlying understanding.

When children are behaving badly, parents are often criticised leading to a feeling of inadequacy and rejection. Most often this is not a case of bad parenting but of an imbalance in the child’s chemistry. Most health institutions have no idea what the cause is and try a plethora of expensive concoctions to no avail.



4 thoughts on “Children’s Health”

    1. Hi Jess, Thanks for your enquiry. What I can do is see where his body is imbalanced by testing his urine and saliva which reveals where his body needs correcting. Depending what is wrong whether behavioural, mental or physical, there will always be some numbers in the analysis that reveal why this is. Nothing is hidden and some numbers I find are seriously imbalanced in children these days. The test will show me how to correct the imbalance and help the issues you are dealing with.
      I hope this helps.

  1. Hi my daughter Hollie is turning 12 and I think needs a health check . She has a bug in her bowel that’s hard to remove and has high genetic gene for cealic . Very skinny and doesn’t eat well . Had dsyslexia and learning problems at school .
    What do you suggest to help her . Period due soon I’d say and has lower abdominal pains regular.
    Julie Bothwell

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