Before Your Urine & Saliva Test

In order to gain an accurate test, it is important for you to fast for 2 hours.
If your test is first thing in the morning, you would have breakfast 2 hours before the test.
Eg- test at 10, breakfast at 8am.
It is important NOT to fast all night or an inaccurate or a non-reading will show.
Please make sure you have sufficient water before your fast so you do not dehydrate. You may have a few sips during the fast if thirsty.
If your test is in the afternoon say 3-4 o’clock you would make sure you had a meal or snack 2 hours before hand.
The reason for fasting for two hours is to calculate the amount of energy the body takes to digest food after a meal, and the efficiency of the liver and digestive system.
“We are not what we eat. We are what we can digest assimilate and absorb” Carey Reams
Thanks for your co-operation towards your healing

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