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Sick and how to stay sick (for the enthusiast)

October 10, 2022









“If you want to get sick you have to break ALL THE RULES”. Doc Carey Reams. RBTI the ultimate analysis

1. Eat lots of sugar and refined carbohydrates.

To rob your body of oxygen, enzymes and minerals we must eat lots of sugar and refined carbohydrates. This will increase insulin and growth factors in your body which can grow cancer cells. Foods must include Mcdonalds (complete meal with coke),  lots of cereals, soft drinks including mother and V. All carbs including cakes, biscuits, white bread, chips, and ALL refined sugary food. These foods are devitalized and will not build new DNA structure and healthy cells. ANY rise in sugar will reduce OXYGEN to the cells of the brain and create thick and heavy blood that is hard for the heart to push around your body. If we want to stay sick this is what we want, UNSTABLE BLOOD SUGARS.

2. Don’t drink any water. A must

Make sure you stay as dehydrated as possible to interfere with electrical conductance in the body hardening body structures. This will cause you to “salt out”. This will help you
Change the structure of your red blood cells making them hard and inflexible
Arteries will lose their elasticity
Blood cells will stick together (sticky blood) causing vascular damage, this will surely get you to the grave quicker.
Swollenintestines (bloating) as s
alts are stored in the abdomen. Bloating is a sure sign things aren’t working properly.

Makes your heart beat really fast, hard and erratic. A cardiac arrest could arise.
High blood pressure. This is a must so you can take medications which will lead to more medications and more sickness.
This is only some of the results of dehydration BUT you must not drink water for the final result. (and you know what that is )!

3. Avoid all living live food and protein.

graveyard foodsEspecially avoid fresh fruits and vegetables as these contain enzymes and minerals to cleanse the body and rebuild brand new cells.
Become a vegan and eat no animal protein what so-ever.  In stead have lots of carbs, pastas and grains which turn to sugar. This will cause you to live on your own precious proteins in muscles and organs and rob your body of structural chondroitans  important for metabolic biosynthesis and detoxification. Low protein will also cause you to become deficient in iron which helps you detoxify your body. An over-burdened  anaemic body is vital for staying sick.

4. Use your bowels only once a week or less. (A must)

This will ensure all the toxins from putrefied rotten food are absorbed continually through the gut wall. This will create AUTOINTOXICATION,  Mega-colon, AUTOIMMUNE conditions AND  Chronic constipation
To achieve this you must follow all the above steps.


Signs of chronic constipation

Taking medical laxatives..this will surely lead to a colostomy.
Abdominal pain and bloating.
IBD, IBS, ulcerative colitis.
Dragging, pulling adhesion’s weakening structures in the body.
Diarrhoeagraveyard foodsBad breath
Overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria and parasites. (they love the stuff)
Bowel blockage as the sewerage moves too slowly.
leakage..oh pew

You must make sure you stay as constipated as possible to achieve the maximum effect..sickness, but don’t take my advice, try it yourself.

The last rule: to stay sick

DON’T BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH, MAKE IT YOUR DOCTORS AND THE MEDICAL INSTITUTIONS, this will take all blame away from you, after all… it’s not your fault ! it.

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