Whole metabolism testing Know your numbers.

       Whole metabolism testing

     A unique way to measure and monitor health

              Bio-electric chemistry RBTI


Today, medicine only evaluates single items on the whole metabolism. this means only one system is tested via a blood test eg liver (enzymes), pancreas(sugars), cholesterol etc. The results of these never give a true indication of the whole metabolism, and the root cause of degenerative disease.
An eminent physician Max Gerson wrote” I am more convinced that biochemistry and metabolic science will be victorious in healing degenerative diseases, including cancer if the whole body or the whole metabolism will be attacked and not the symptoms.( A cancer therapy p 143)

If suffering chronic and degenerative diseases, it is much safer and more favourable for the body to be helped in it’s totality. The metabolism must be restored to normal or near- normal functions.

When treating diabetes with insulin, we do not treat the root cause. When some treat chronic fatigue, they do not treat the root cause of why the fatigue happened in the first place.  Without understanding what created the disorder we cannot treat the cause which is “severe de-mineralization. “

Disease starts at the cellular level

Einstein showed the real acting forces behind the visible chemical changes, are mineral energies expressed as the “electro magnetic field” in and outside the cell. SO, we can say that a disorder starts from the cell loosing it’s magnetic field resulting in a “deficiency of energy”  This is where unbalance begins.

What does urine and saliva reveal

URINE  is CELL WATER and reveals the end -product of your metabolism, cell function and how much energy your body is left with.

SALIVA reveals the beginning of metabolism, a true indication of the energy of the liver and enzyme function.

URINE AND SALIVA can predict areas of disease, deficiencies, symptom patterns and vital force.

It’s all about optimising digestive function

 why don’t blood tests show abnormalities?

  1. Blood tests only show the average of norm.
  2. Blood changes minutely.
  3. Blood tests only become”abnormal” when disease has progressed over 30%.
  4. Blood does not show the energy of the body and cells.
  5. Symptoms can start before blood tests show anything.

Dr Carey Reams discovered the whole body electro-biochemical analysis which has never been proven wrong. It is really the only way to resolve disease/disorder at the root cause.

Re-mineralizing the cells is the greatest secret to EXCEPTIONAL HEALTH and EXCEPTIONAL ENERGY.

RBTI all the way.

Minerals, a cancer weapon.

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    1. Hi Lorraine, I am just discovering how to use my website and saw your question. YES it absolutely works for weight loss and shows the reason behind the problem.

      Cheers Sue

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