Your First Consultation

Your First Consultation

Welcome to Mandurah’s most respected colon clinic. This clinic boasts having the ORIGINAL designed machine by Dr De wells in America, who was the pioneer of HydrOxy colon therapy in the late 80s. Dr DeWells discovered disease begins in the gut, with which most Americans were suffering.

At our clinic we are proud to position ourselves as the leader in the field of hydrxy colon therapy. Superior standards of hygiene guided by our highly trained hydro therapist, places us in the the forefront of colonic irrigation in Mandurah. The clinic practices safe treatment for digestive disorders, skin problems and allergies, to name just a few. Children are also able to be treated. In no instance does our hydro therapist diagnose health problems or propose to cure, treat or prevent disease or illness. A physician should be consulted for medical problems.

Congratulations on taking your first step towards internal cleansing

At the hydroxy colon Clinic here in Mandurah, we take health seriously, and therefore offer our clients an initial consultation free of charge. During this visit, you are given the opportunity to consult our hydr-Oxy-therapist about our cleansing treatment and the effects it may have on you. Colonic hydrotherapy is not for everyone. Our experienced therapist will explain to you how this natural procedure is performed and subsequently advise you on its suitability. Once you have explained the circumstances of your visit, the therapist will establish whether or not you are suited to this treatment..

Most patients get to try and subsequently frequent the clinic on an ongoing basis. During this time, we help you understand and learn more about your body through advice on diet, food combining and exercise.
As many people experience a stressful lifestyle, it’s fast becoming more prominent that we need to slow down and take responsibility for our health and well being in a comfortable relaxing way. We welcome your questions and concerns.

Is There a Need

The hydrOxy colon cleansing is unique in that the oxygen destroys harmful parasites and pathogenic bacteria whilst healing inflamed areas of the bowel.
Most, if not all western populations have abnormal bowel shapes shown by medical xrays. Unique to this treatment is the massage tube which the therapist uses to gently massage the water against the colon walls opening strictures, and emptying ballooned areas of the bowel.

How it works

This is a therapy

  • Clean hygienic and discreet  environment.
  • Uses a continuous inward and outward movement of water gravity fed machine.
  • Uses cool and warm water to invigorate the bowels blood supply.
  • Not an enema
  • It is extremely safe
  • The therapist stays with you the whole time.
  •  A special tube massages water gently against the colon walls loosening impacted diverticulum and normalizing shape of bowel.
  • Oxygen is integral healing intestinal ulcers and inflammation and lifting the bowel
  • Children can be treated (with discretion)
  • All waste goes directly through the viewing tube and into the sewerage.
  • Feel new vitality as harboured toxins are removed from the bowel.



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  1. I have been able to help the most serious bowel disorders with great success.

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