Body Detox Deluxe package $145 including 40 minute colonic and 1/2 hour sauna. Add a friend for only $99..You deserve it.

Feeling tired and lethargic? your bodies probably asking for break..we all need one.. SO, I’m excited to offer in Mandurah the ultimate invigorative package available for cleansing inside and out.   Not only do you get to have the most advanced colonic irrigation therapy with oxygen but you can now finish off with an infra red and coloured light therapy sauna. The colonic will rehydrate your body ready to sweat out that old built up waste.

HYDROXY COLONIC IRRIGATION is the most therapeutic treatment in the world for cleansing the bowel and body. The experienced practitioner operated machine is unique and powerful and can be used for all debilitating bowel conditions or just because you think you need one. A continual flow of water in and out of the 2 way instrument will loosen old impacted and dry waste and the oxygen aids in ridding parasites and deadly anaerobic deadly bacteria straight into the sewerage.

After the colonic you are ready to relax and experience the FAR infra red sauna. This will leave you with a feeling of relaxation and calm. Meditate or kick back in a soothing warm quiet ambience, the world locked out while listening to some relaxing music.

The infra red sauna stimulates sweat glands penetrating 4 cms over entire body which speeds up the natural healing process helping PAIN RELIEF, SENSE OF WELLNESS, SKIN CONDITIONS, INCREASED METABOLISM, INCREASES CIRCULATION AND OXYGENATION, SLEEP.

Light Therapy
Hydroxy colonic irrigation with O2
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