BLOATING, Sign Of Digestive Disturbances.

Bloating is easily treated.
Bloating is easily treated

I have seen the most serious cases of bloating relieved in 2 weeks.

2 quick tips to avoid bloating.

From Mandurah’s gut and digestive specialist.

Bloating can be the most annoying, distressing and uncomfortable condition people experience.
Bloating can be triggered any time of the day. Mostly people experience this towards the middle and end of the day after food has been digested.
Often we resort to over the counter medications, probiotics and food elimination diets. In some cases, people can do all of these with little result.
Sometimes bloating can be so severe that it effects your daily activities.
In truth, we should be able to digest anything without any problems, but when we can’t, it is a sign that something is going horribly wrong. Most people don’t realize it until they are in severe distress.

Avoiding the warning signs of bloating, can lead to conditions such as Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, IBD, IBS, and other serious medical conditions. Nature is a strict task master, she gives one warning, sometimes two, you obey.. or else.

The 2 Main Causes Of Bloating

1. The Colon

The colon is a very efficient sewerage system but by neglect and abuse it becomes a cesspool. When it is clean we are well and happy, let it stagnate and it will distill the poisons of decay causing fermentation and putrefaction. This can cause a veritable Pandora’s box.
When the bowel is backlogged with faeces, the muscular wall of the intestines droops, therefore passage and it’s content are hindered.  A weakening of the abdominal wall  occurs causing a distended abdomen, which can be much more serious in woman.

2. Out of balance PH levels

Reams gave concise reasons why people bloat, and treating them with the principals he taught has given me 100% success rate with patients in my clinic. One major reason is out of balance PH levels.

PH levels vary during the digestive process and at certain stages throughout the intestines.
When there is a large spread between the PH of the urine and saliva, (acid and alkaline), digestion will be very eruptive at the initial stages, as food tends to be fermented instead of effectively digested therefore creating  problems lower in the gut.  If the PH of the urine is between 5.6 and 6 and the PH of the saliva is over 7 there will be more of a tendency towards bloating type reactions in the upper digestion. This is the major cause of serious bloating and digestive disturbances.*


*The world Journal of gastroenterology 

2 quick tips to alleviate bloating

1 Never drink with meals as it dilutes precious digestive enzymes.

2 Never mix refined carbohydrates and sugar with protein foods as both digest at different speeds.


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  2. Hi – I have excessive gas which is becoming a hindrance and really starting to stress me out. I am going on a trip with some girlfriends for two weeks. Is there anything I can take to help this like a digestive enzyme or something else – I am desperate for help.
    Thanks, I also have the bloating shape.

    1. Hi Angela, Sorry I didn’t see your message via my website and I hope it wasn’t years ago but bloating is easy to resolve using the analysis. I would love to help.


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